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Improving your Presence on the Web ...
... with Knueppel IT Services!

We offer you a web site that presents your business in a no-nonsense straight forward way. It will be easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. At the same time you want to be concise to bring your qualities and services across.

From the Visitor's Point of View
Put yourself into the position of the visitor for a moment: Let's say your business is a restaurant. What would you like to see when you access your web site?

Here a few examples of questions a restaurant web site should answer:

What food do you offer?
Where are you located?
What are your opening hours?
How does your establishment look?
What prices can I expect?
What specials to you offer?
How can I contact you?
What other incentives are there to select your place?
What additional information can you provide about your place?

With Focus and Clarity
These are questions a visitor might have. And it is the purpose of your web site to answer these questions and give the visitor the opportunity to contact you directly for further information if necessary.

The same web site logic works for every kind of business. If you sell goods or services on line you just add an e-commerce part to your site and you are ready to go. It is really that simple.

We know exactly how a web site has to be set up to be profitable, efficient and flexible. We can start from scratch (this is sometimes faster than starting out with a web site already set up) or we can reorganize your existing web site. You will be impressed how fast we can convert the design of your site from a mediocre and inefficient style to a clean easy-to-navigate style that visitors enjoy to use.

With Experience and Tools
With more that 20 years of online experience and the use of the most efficient, flexible and proven tools to design a site including improvement of graphics and pictures, streamlining the use of fonts and the implementation of straightforward structures we can have your new or improved web site up and running within days.

What we need from you is the input on the products and services you offer, information about the business, history etc. Everything else we will do for you. Precise, affordable and fast.

Contact us now for the quality web site you deserve!

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